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Have you ever had a leaky pipe, maybe under your sink, that you keep trying to tighten, that keeps springing a leak over and over again? Here’s the solution: don’t try and fix it yourself. The Fort Point Plumbing Service team is full of seasoned professionals. We’ve done it before; we know how to do it. Kick back and relax. We’ll take care of it.


We’re happy to take on all kinds of projects, small and large, within the residential plumbing field. We offer leak repair, sewer clog repair, gas water heater repair, boiler repair, furnace repair, heating repair, shower repair, HVAC service, and many other repairs. We also do installation projects, repiping, and other projects. Get in touch, tell us what your problem is, and we’ll let you know what we can do.

Business Hours

We’ve got what we like to call “convenience store hours.” Yep, we’re always open—24/7, 365!

Services Area

Happy to work for the residents of Boston and the Suffolk County area.


52 Melcher St, Boston, MA 02210



(847) 752-4255